The month of October in Poland is a time of gold autumn but sometimes it is possible that it will rain. That is a reason we suggest to possess the umbrella or the raincoat. The average temperature in October in Poland is around 10ºC/50F, but we will do our best to arrange beautiful weather special for you!


The currency of Poland is Polish Zloty (zł, PLN).
Currency subunit: Grosz 1/100 (100 groszy = 1 PLN).
Exchange rates can be checked:


Licensed taxis must have a "taxi" roof light, the "Wroclaw" marking on their side door with a side number, pricing on the windscreen and a taximeter with a cash register inside.

We would recommend the following:
• Partner Taxi +48 71 19 627
• Eco Car +48 123 456 789
• Wicar Taxi +48 725 71 71 71
• Ryba Taxi +48 713 067 067 / +48 516 007 700


Emergency – 112
Ambulance – 999
Police – 997
Fire Brigade – 998
Municipal Guards - 986

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