QUATE Cervical cytology examination – Wrocław Tuesday October 5th 2021.
A QUATE examination will be held during the 43rd European Congress of Cytology in Wrocław. The examination will be held on Tuesday 5th October 2021 starting at 8:30 AM.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the ability to run the QUATE examination will be kept under regular review. Any change to the current plans will be posted and communicated to any candidates who may have registered. If the QUATE examination is deferred, candidates who have already paid will be offered a full refund. Please note that given the nature of the QUATE examination CANNOT be offered as a “virtual” examination.

The QUATE examination is limited, due to space, to 15 candidates ONLY. This will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

General information

The exam comprises both a written and practical element. The written element is in the form of 50 multiple choice questions (MCQs). Each has only one correct answer and there is no negative marking.
The practical component comprises 16 slides, divided into two groups of eight with a short break between each group. These are available in conventional Papanicoloau or Thinprep and Surepath technologies.
Candidates are allowed 8 minutes per conventional slides and 8 minutes for an LBC preparation.

The pass mark for each section of the exam is as follows:
•    MCQ    50%
•    Screening test    75%

Candidates must pass each section in order to be awarded an overall pass. There is no transfer of marks between different sections of the examination.
Missing an abnormal sample will mean automatic failure. However an overcall of a negative smear as abnormal in the screening test scores zero.
Repeated overcalling of negative slides is the commonest reason for failing the screening test.
The examination papers will be marked and the candidates notified of the results on the day of the exam.

More general information on the exam, including the application form and payment, can be found on the EFCS website https://www.efcs.eu/quate-introduction/
An outline of the actual examination and some recommended educational material can be found at https://www.efcs.eu/quate-exam/
Please note that NO registration or payment can be taken on the day of the exam.

All candidates MUST register for the exam before the deadline of Friday 3rd September 2021
All candidates MUST complete and send the QUATE application form as requested
Proof of payment and photo identification will be required on the day of the examination.
Proof of registration for the ECC meeting will also be required for those who are paying the lower rate.

If you have any questions please contact:

Mr. Allan Wilson


Dr Paul Cross
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