The diagnostic pathology journal offers two methods to ensure that your presentation will not be forgotten.
  • The first method is to make your presentation memorable by including a QR code in your presentation.
    Keep it accessible to listeners at all times via their storage cloud.
  • The other possibility is to add a citable DOI: (document identification) to your presentation assigned to their storage cloud.
For this, they need the author and the title of the presentation in advance by email to
After this, they will send you a QR code generated by them which you can include in your presentation.

You can send the final version of the presentation to by email via
The presentation will then be placed on their cloud storage.

If you are satisfied with the diagnostic pathology journal service, please send them via "PayPal for friends"
20 € + VAT (19%) = 23,80 € for the QR code or
40 € + VAT (19%) = 47,60 € for the QR code plus DOI: to PayPal customer email address

The diagnostic pathology journal is able to send you a corresponding invoice.
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